Case Study

Brain Health – Digital Technologies
Department: Radiology
Technology: Cloud Based Platforms


Utilising a cloud-based clinical decision support tool for imaging requests.

Key Facts

  • XRefer was founded in Ireland in 2020.
  • It allows for referral from any device, anywhere, anytime, in seconds.

The Challenge

Ensuring that a patient is referred for the right test, first time, can have a huge impact on the quality of their outcome. But the traditional referral process is slow, and the gap between referrers and radiology teams creates difficulties in deciding on the appropriate radiology exam for different patients.

xRefer uses data from the European Society of Radiology’s iGuide to support clinicians in ensuring that their patients get referred for the BEST TEST FIRST.

Mitchell O’Gorman


The Solution

XRefer is a cloud-based platform, which enables clinicians to quickly create and send radiology referrals. This speeds up the referral process, and increases the accuracy of referrals by improving  communication between referrers and radiology experts.

XRefer also offers a digital protocolling feature which enables seamless digital approval of referrals.

Connecting Referrers and Radiology Teams

The CDS has been integrated using the European Society of Radiology’s iGuide evidence base.

This means that the xRefer platform can provide integrated guidance to the referrer as to the most appropriate radiology exam for a patient based on their age, gender and clinical indication(s), at the time of referral.

xRefer also offers a digital protocolling feature that enables seamless digital approval of referrals and a chat function that connects referrers and radiology teams.

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