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Meet those introducing important innovations at TUH

Dr. Aoife Doolan - Consultant Anaesthesiologist

Aoife Doolan works as a Consultant Anaesthesiologist with a special interest in intensive care medicine at TUH. She is the Echo Lead in our Anaesthesiology and ICU Departments. Echocardiology is widely used to diagnose and monitor critically ill patients providing the medical team with vital information about the patient’s heart.

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Deirdre Fitzgerald - Respiratory Consultant

Deirdre Fitzgerald works at Tallaght University Hospital (TUH) as a Consultant in Respiratory and Pleural medicine. (In medicine, pleural refers to the thin covering that protects the lungs.) She also works from the Respiratory Integrated Care Hub in the community which is linked to TUH.

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Our Clinical Engineering Team

The Clinical Engineering Department at Tallaght University Hospital combines engineering practices with modern medicine to come up with innovative solutions to serve patients. Here at TUH we have an established track record of scientists, engineers and medics working together to make sure patients benefit from the latest developments in both the medical and engineering fields.

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Sarah Dineen - Clinical Specialist Physio across both Gynaecology and Urology services.

Sarah recently obtained funding from Spark Innovation for a GE VScan ultrasound machine as part of a new Men’s Health physiotherapy service in TUH. Best practice guidelines recommend that real-time trans-perineal ultrasound is used to accurately target and train the external urethral sphincter muscle to achieve best outcomes for post-prostatectomy urinary incontinence.

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Sarah Rowland - Clinical Specialist Speech and & Language Therapist

Sarah Rowland is a Clinical Specialist Speech and & Language Therapist who works solely in the area of Critical Care. She has a strong interest in critical care swallow and communication, including the impact of intubation, ventilator weaning processes and tracheostomy management.

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