Sarah Dineen


Clinical Specialist Physio across both Gynaecology and Urology services.

Sarah Dineen

Sarah recently obtained funding from Spark Innovation for a GE VScan ultrasound machine as part of a new Men’s Health physiotherapy service in TUH. Best practice guidelines recommend that real-time trans-perineal ultrasound is used to accurately target and train the external urethral sphincter muscle to achieve best outcomes for post-prostatectomy urinary incontinence. Existing research supports this model of care and positions physiotherapists as valuable members of the multi-disciplinary team. This will be the first project of its kind in Ireland and I hope to conduct research in this area to demonstrate the impact of specific muscle training on incontinence rates and patient quality of life. 

What motivated you to get involved with this innovation project?  I recently moved home from nine years overseas, most of which was spent working in a dynamic, fast-paced Australian pelvic health clinic. We were encouraged to work in alignment with the ever-changing evidence base and supported to introduce new projects/initiatives. 

As I developed an interest in men’s health, I learned the importance of using trans-perineal ultrasound as a powerful biofeedback tool to ensure correct isolation of the external urethral sphincter, and saw the impact of this specific training focus on patient outcomes. Despite the growing evidence base to support the use of this modality with pre and post-prostatectomy patients I saw this as an opportunity to improve quality of care, it is not a service that seems to be available in Ireland yet. 

What has been your biggest learning with regard to innovation?  Having never worked in Ireland prior to this and the majority of my career spent in private practice, I am learning that things happen at a different pace in the public sector. In saying that, being part of a large team has been a valuable asset to me, offering a wealth of expertise in how to establish a new service. Pros and cons! 

What advice would you give someone who has an idea for change?  Start at your desired outcome and work backwards from there.