Our Clinical Engineering Team

The Clinical Engineering Department at Tallaght University Hospital combines engineering practices with modern medicine to come up with innovative solutions to serve patients. Here at TUH we have an established track record of scientists, engineers and medics working together to make sure patients benefit from the latest developments in both the medical and engineering fields.

Within the Department of Clinical Engineering, we employ 14 people with a broad range of skill sets. These include applied electronics and design, mechanical engineering, physics, programming, engineering design and data analytic skillsets.

In the hospital we manage and provide technical support to all medical devices and systems throughout their lifecycle to support patient diagnosis, therapy, treatment and surgery on a 24/7 basis. Our goal is to best serve patients and support medical teams, as they deliver vital treatments.

Through our close partnership with the Innovate Health team at TUH, we help produce products which address unmet clinical needs, identified by members of our staff.

Development of solutions include 3d printed prototyping and development of patient aids. We have also helped to design and develop point of care ultrasound equipment, as well as in-house RFID and GPS tracking solutions alongside its application software. This technology is used to track and locate medical devices and machines to maximise availability to patients and the clinical services supporting them on their journey within the Hospital.

The Clinical Engineering team also plays a key role in research and development and works closely with the hospital’s in-residence product designer to develop solutions. This can involve the creation of new medical devices. We also work with industry to evaluate and test products, that are close to or already CE* marked and would benefit from real-world trials in order to instill confidence in the device for clinicians and patients.

Our Engineers are uniquely placed to do this because they are integrated into all departments of the Hospital, with a very unique view of the challenges faced by patients and healthcare staff on the frontline.

*The Declaration of Conformity is a legal document  which the manufacturer or authorised representative signs to state that all CE Marked products sold in the European Union and meets all of the requirements of the applicable EU directives and regulations.

Pictured top in group shot; Front row: Kate Byrne TUD Clinical Engineering Student, Mariah Ladia Clinical Engineer, Aloy Antony Clinical Engineering Intern, Bianca Mihoc Clinical Engineer, Ciaran Willett Clinical Engineering Intern

Back Row: Robert Kinsella Head of MPCE, Lukas Gokas Clinical Engineer, Leighton Curry Head of Clinical Engineering Services.